Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, I just completed the BIG PROJECT (I will post it once I get the okay from the publisher) and I was looking for something else to do when it occurred to me that I had never done a picture of Betty Page.

Now, as you likely know, you can't call yourself a real artist unless you've done a picture of Betty Page. So I am determined to rectify that shortcoming in my CV and I have decided I'm going to post the work in progress.

So this is the first step. Using one colour, a brown (It would be a Van Dyke Brown if I were painting with actual instead of virtual paints). I have just got the outlines down (or the "cartoon" in painter parlance) and had some real fun with her hair.

More as I get it done.

I've been here and there. I've drawn a lot of pictures. I've written a bit, too. I'm not good at this self-promotion thing. Look, you want to know about me? just visit these websites. Okay?


Kal said...

mmmmm Betty

cerebus660 said...

That's lovely!

Paladin said...

Betty was my first introduction to Pin Up art. There was something about her that made whatever she was doing (and I mean whatever) seem like wholesome, good, clean fun.

I've never been much on autographs. I only have two: a signed book by Dean Koontz, and a demur autographed picture of Betty Page.

Looking forward to seeing this piece completed, M.D. The start sure is appealing :)

M. D. Jackson said...

Betty did have a way of making her photo shoots look like a lot of fun, even with all the bondage accoutrements. She brought class to the girlie pics.

I just hope I can pull this off with half as much alacrity.

M. D. Jackson said...

I'm not an autograph hound either, Paladin, but an autographed photo of Betty would rank up there with one of the all time coolest collector items.