Sunday, December 12, 2010


I just wanted to remind everybody that Dark Worlds Issue # 5 is still for sale. It's a great issue and it has some teriffic stories including one by Jack Mackenzie that is pure exciting space opera.

Here`s a preview:

You can purchase a print or an electronic copy by visiting  Rage Machine Books`storefront.

Okay. Self promotion accomplished.

I've been here and there. I've drawn a lot of pictures. I've written a bit, too. I'm not good at this self-promotion thing. Look, you want to know about me? just visit these websites. Okay?


cerebus660 said...

Looks Good!!

Paladin said...

Nothin' wrong with tooting your own horn! I've shown your art to several people that I know who are into the genre, and they all agree its the bee's knees.

I don't know nuthin' about art, but I know what I like :)

Pat Tillett said...

I guess I haven't spent enough time here. I had no idea that you also wrote. You are multi talented
As to self promotion...who is gonna promote you, if you don't promote yourself? do it!