Monday, May 10, 2010


Frank Frazetta has passed away at age 82.

It has been a sad day for me today. I knew that it was unlikely that we were ever going to get any new masterpieces from him. Being realistic, his best work was well behind him. Still, hearing the news of his passing has really affected me.

Frank Frazetta was an icon of Fantasy illustration and a personal inspiration to me. He, above all others, inspired me to become an illustrator. His paintings were so strong it was like being punched in the face with them. He could induce fear, wonder and longing in me, sometimes all with the same picture. I, like many others, would often buy a crappy book just because it sported a Frazetta cover.

He had no equal.

Goodbye, Frank. Your amazing pictures surrounded me growing up and your images still crowd my imagination. You are an icon and an inspiration.

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